SGC Newsletter #3/2014

September is here and soon October will come. The summer heat stayed long this autumn, but colder days are ahead. The early autumn has passed by in the sign of gas with a number of important events. GasAkademin summer school became a success with 26 attendees, The Nordic Biogas Conference attracted some 170 participants and included a number of interesting technical visits in addition to the scientific program, and the IBBA workshop on methane slip became just as fruitful as hoped for. Having got inspired by all these events – and past weeks big IGRC conference in Copenhagen as well – it is high time to start planning to apply for grants from the Samverkansprogram Energigasteknik (eng. Co-operational program in Energygas technology) which published the latest call on 140915 and will close it by 141031. Read more on this and other important matters in this newsletter from SGC!

Martin Ragnar, VD

Call has opened in Samverkansprogram Energigasteknik
A new call in Samverkansprogram Energigasteknik opened 140915 and will close 141031. The research program is run jointly between the Swedish gas industry represented by SGC and the Swedish Energy Agency. The application must be written in the Swedish language. You find more on the Samverkansprogram here. Please note that the program covers both production, distribution, storage, utilization and system aspects of energy gases

SGC as a consultancy company
Over the past two years SGC has developed considerably and broadened its scope. Lately yet another step was taken down the same path, when the company redefined itself as a clean-tech company offering advanced services in the fields of research administration, research lobbying, research events and technology consulting. Should you be interested in services within any of these fields you are thus more than welcome to contact us for a discussion and a quotation. We have a strong offer with all of our skilled and experienced project leaders having a PhD as their educational background. Recently we have grown the office with one project leader, Dr Jenny Rissler, having a background in aerosol technologies and a specialist in measurements.

GERG Board of Directors to meet in Malmö
The European Gas Research Group – GERG – in which SGC is the only Swedish member, is governed by a Board of Directors which meet twice a year. The upcoming meeting is scheduled for 141009-141010 and will be hosted by SGC in Malmö. We expect more than 20 delegates, making up the R&D leaders of the European gas industry, to attend the meeting. For SGC it is a great honour to be selected host for the meeting. 

SGC preparing for a merger
SGC was founded in 1990 as the research coordinating body of the Swedish gas industry. There is still plenty to do concerning R&D in gas technology. However, times are changing and what once was the right structure may no longer be so. More and more the challenges are societal rather than gas specific. There is thus a greater need than ever before also to engage in a greater number of system   degree studies. This is one of a number of motives for the owners of SGC to plan for a merger – decided 140916 – between four different companies coordinating R&D in various parts of the energy system. The merger is scheduled to occur during Q4 this year and after that the industrial R&D for gas, electricity, heat and power and district heating will be gathered in one company. The personnel will continue as before and the office dealing with gas will also onwards be located in Malmö, whereas the headquarters of the new company will be in Stockholm.

News from IEA Bioenergy Task 37
SGC is the Swedish team leader within IEA Bioenergy Task 37 about biogas. More information about task 37 can be found here. Task 37 has recently published several publications and we would like to highlight the following:
Feedstock pretreatment for enhanced biogas production
Biomethane - Status and Factors Affecting Market Development and Trade
In addition, we also would like to highlight the Swedish case story about gas transport outside the national gas grid:
Non-grid Biomethane Transportation in Sweden
If you would like to get the Swedish newsletter about the latest activities within Task 37 twice a year, please register at:

IBBA workshop on methane emissions
In co-operation with Task 37, IBBA arranged the second workshop in the beginning of September. The topic of this year was measurement of methane emissions from biogas plants. Specialists from 7 countries participated, networked and shared their knowledge within this field. The presentations and abstracts can be downloaded from Next year, IBBA will arrange a workshop in Malmö in the field of pre-treatment of lignocellulosic materials.

The 5th Nordic Biogas Conference
Nearly 180 people participated in Nordic Biogas Conference 2014 in Reykjavik in august. The conference included a wide range of presentations from the latest development within liquefaction of biogas to the current development of the biogas market in USA, Europe and the Nordic countries.  All presentations can be downloaded from In 2016, the 6th Nordic Biogas Conference will be organized in Finland.

The 8th SGC International Seminar on Gasification – 15-16th October in Malmö
Do not forget to sign up for our soon arriving annual Gasification conference! The conference has a clear industrial and technical focus on biomass and waste gasification for the production of various biofuels, biochemicals, heat- and power and other related topics. This year, the program especially highlights operation experiences gained from larger industrial and demonstration plants and so also the future role of biomass gasification from the viewpoint of different industrial sectors such as the forest and the chemical industry. We welcome participants from the industry, the academia, trade associations and other organisations. Deadline for registration is on the 6th of October. Read more here

Green Gas Research Outlook Sweden Conference, Örnsköldsvik 23-25 March 2015
Do you want to find out what is new in the field of green gas production based on waste and residual products from agriculture and forestry? Do you have interesting scientific results to share with academia and industry? Green Gas Research Outlook Sweden (GGROS) is the new annual meeting place and hotspot for researchers active in the field of green gas production and its utilisation in Sweden. The conference will include both fundamental and applied research and it welcomes participants from academia, industry and other organisations. Green gases include all renewable energygases, produced through routes such as anaerobic digestion, thermal gasification and power-to-gas-concepts. GGROS is organised by SGC , in close cooperation with leading Swedish universities. Deadline for abstracts are 5th of December 2014. Read more here


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